Thursday, June 7, 2012

Grief as Depression?

Something caught my eye online last week about the stages of grief. Some said there were four, some said five, plus there were a couple of other models that were interesting. But what really shocked me was an article in the NY Times about the definition of depression being expanded to include grief if the grief lasts longer than two weeks (whereupon it becomes a "disorder".) Of course this would greatly increase the number of people 'treated' for it. Maybe the drug companies are behind this move. I need to look into this some more and hope others will too. Right now it seems as though "normal grieving"––two weeks and under––wouldn't give a person much time to get through all those stages.


  1. I have been widowed since 12/2/2010. We would have been married 43 years January 20. I am in so much pain.

    1. Are you feeling any better today?

    2. Tooday would have been my husband's birthday. Very sad today