About the Authors

Mary and Sue grew up on suburban U.S.A.  Their education and coming of age was surprisingly similar even though Mary lived on Long Island and Sue outside Kansas City, Missouri.  Shaped by the culture of the fifties and the ethos of middle class families, both became young leaders in their towns, fast dancers to rock and roll, and curious brides at nineteen.

Yet, they raised their families and started their careers in different parts of the world.  Mary in Manhattan and Westchester County, and Sue in Brooklyn, the Philippines, and Manhattan.  Both became teachers.  Mary taught the elementary grades in Harlem, and Sue taught juniors and seniors at the United Nations International School in New York City.  Both continue today in professional development careers helping teachers reach their fullest potential.

Mary works as an educational consultant for the Center for Technology and School Change at Teachers College, Columbia University, while Sue works as an educational consultant with the International Baccalaureate, a program for K-12 students worldwide.